From WikiPedia - Fine China was an American indie rock band from Phoenix, Arizona, comprising Rob Withem (vocals, guitar), Greg Markov (bass), and Thom Walsh (drums). The band was formed in 1996 as a project of acquaintances (Rob Withem, Danny McWatters, Melissa Banks), but turned serious once the band started booking gigs. Banks shortly stepped down and was replaced by Rob Withem's friend Greg Markov, who remained a permanent member of the band until the end. The band played as a three-piece through the recording of the first EP No One Knows, but soon after recruited Joshua Block (at that time of The Blamesharers) to play the keys. Block added a new texture to the band which propelled it to the next level. The band toured as a four-piece, but McWatters quit in 1999. The band recruited Thom Walsh (also of The Blamesharers) to be its drummer, and this (Withem, Markov, Block, Walsh) became the lineup for the large part of the band's existence, and for two of its three LPs. After releasing two EPs on Velvet Blue Music, the band was signed to Seattle's Tooth and Nail records and released two LPs (When the World Sings and You Make Me Hate Music). The band did several tours and festival performances in support of its records. Josh Dooley of Riverside band Map toured with Fine China as the second guitarist for the You Make Me Hate Music. Despite the fact that both releases gathered impressive critical success, the band was dropped from Tooth and Nail Records in 2003 after the second record. Fine China decided to take a short break, but reunited in about a year in 2004. At this time Block decided to quit the band. The band recorded and released its final record Jaws of Life on September 6, 2005 as a three-piece (and guest appearances by Dooley), with a local label Common Wall Media. The record went on to get more critical acclaim, including several TV show inclusions. Still, the members felt that this was the time to end, and the band informally dissolved following its Best of New Times performance in 2006 (which marked the band's last show). Rob Withem went on to form the Foxglove Hunt with Ronnie Martin of Joy Electric, while the remaining members have stayed largely inactive in the music scene.





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When The World Sings

When the World Sings - Fine China

The Jaws Of Life

The Jaws of Life - Fine China

You Make Me Hate Music

You Make Me Hate Music - Finechina