This Is Flying Blanket Vol.I

This Is Flying Blanket Vol.I
  1. 0:00

    Dear and the Headlights 'I'm not Crying. You're Not Crying, Are You?

  2. 0:00

    Poem 'It's Over Now'

  3. 0:00

    Sister Cities 'The Walk'

  4. 0:00

    The Foxglove Hunt 'Don't I Know the Way'

  5. 0:00

    Black Carl 'Dirty Wine'

  6. 0:00

    XrayOK 'Alone'

  7. 0:00

    Nate Stone 'Over Blue'

  8. 0:00

    Neba 'Moore Drugs, Less Casey's'

  9. 0:00

    Dorsey 'Trouble Gone Tomorrow'

  10. 0:00

    The Go Reflex 'The Irresponsible Siblings'

  11. 0:00

    Juicy Newt 'A Lovely Drunk'

  12. 0:00

    Tugboat 'Shaped'

  13. 0:00

    JD Stooks '10 Lb. Coat'

  14. 0:00

    Sugar High 'Tainted'

  15. 0:00

    The Breadwinners 'Where The River Runs High'

  16. 0:00

    The Breakup Society 'How Failure Saved Me From Myself'

  17. 0:00

    Life In Stereo 'Run'

  18. 0:00

    Hour of the Wolf 'Heavy Lifting'

  19. 0:00

    Heist At Hand 'Eyes of the Prying'

  20. 0:00

    Art For Starters 'Went To Church Instead'

  21. 0:00

    JD Stooks '10 Lb. Coat'

  22. 0:00

    The Breadwinners 'Where The River Runs High


The first in the series. 20 great tracks from 20 great artists who have worked with producer Bob Hoag. Most of these tracks are by now available elsewhere, but they are limited edition (1000 pressed). So, order it from our good friends at Stinkweeds for only $6 and add it ti your collection.

One song that still is exclusive to this CD is from Hoag’s own project, The Go-Reflex. The track is called “The Irresponsible Siblings”.